Training Arms

General benefits of training the arms.
The arms are comprised of 3 main muscle groups, the triceps, biceps and forearms, each one of these groups has a key role to perform In the body.


Tricep funtions are to extend the arms at the elbow joint which also assists the pushing movement and the pronation of the arm.

Exercises that incorporate these movements would be a tricep extension (focused on the extension movement of the tricep) and a bench press which combines the extending movement of the triceps along with the front shoulder muscles to create a forward press.

Pro Tip - Build some seriously strong triceps focusing on compound movements such as pullovers which not only recruit triceps but many other muscles such as the back and chest.


Biceps are the opposing muscles to the triceps, and create a curling motion at the elbow joint and supination of the arm, this allows both the contraction of the arm and facilitates pulling movements when combined with the back and shoulder muscles.

Exercises that incorporate these movements would be a bicep curl focused purely on flexing the arm and a pull up that incorporates both the biceps, back and shoulders to create a pulling motion.

Pro Tip - Biceps grow most efficiently when used as part of a compound pulling motion, so use movements such as single arm rows or pull ups to stimulate maximum growth.


Forearms control the movements of the fingers in conjunction with smaller muscles in the hand and are strengthened both through gripping and flexing the hand.

Exercises that incorporate these movements would be farmers walk using the fingers to hold a heavy weight, or a bicep curl that uses the forearm to hold and support the weight while the bicep produces the flexing movement at the elbow.

Pro Tip - to recruit more forearm muscles in your workouts try using a thicker handle, or add something such as a tough grip to the handle to challenge your grip

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